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Breathe new life into your wood fire stove. A1 Hood Cleaners offers professional wood burning stove cleaning in Fairfield, CT.


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Whether brick ovens or wood fire stoves, we can deliver unparalleled cleaning services. A1 Hood Cleaners provide a fair quote. Call us today to get your free wood burning stove cleaning estimate.


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Our Holistic Wood Burning Stove Cleaning in Fairfield, CT

A perfectly clean wood fire stove plays a crucial role in creating a tasty and clean meal. The wood fire stove must be cleaned thoroughly after each use. These are the tasks our local cleaners do.

Wood burning stove cleaning/maintenance

With lots of TLC, you can get the most out of your appliance. Luckily,  when it comes to wood burning stoves, one of our top priorities is to make sure they will last. Emptying the ashtray, cleaning the glass door, and checking for rust – are just some of the ways we will ensure your appliance is in tip-top condition.

Wood stove pipe cleaning

The pipe that sticks out the back of the stove is called the flue. It is attached to the stove through the ceiling or up the chimney. It is also called stovepipe. This section also has a seal at the base known as a closure or register plate.

The whole length of the flue needs to be cleaned once during summer and twice during the winter season. To avoid buildup from causing problems, schedule a routine cleaning.

wood burning stove cleaning
equipment cleaning services by A1 Hood Cleaners.

Pizza oven cleaning


Our local cleaners and certified technicians will handle your pizza oven like it is our own. For our pizza oven cleaning service, we will disassemble the parts and ensure they are squeaky clean. After the cleaning process, we will reassemble the components. And then, polish the exterior of the pizza oven. 

Pizza rack cleaning


Just like the other components, the pizza oven racks require maintenance and cleaning. The grease collected on the rack harbors germs and bacteria. The grease will be harder to eliminate if left uncleaned for days.

A1 Hood Cleaners can make your oven racks shiny again. We know the best kitchen cleaning techniques and use eco-friendly cleaning products. 

Get your wood burning stove cleaning done quickly and professionally by experts. A1 Hood Cleaners offer a wide range of cleaning services that will cater to your requirements. Let our Fairfield, CT cleaning crew help you. Give us a call!

Why You Need Fairfield, CT Cleaning Service?

However, you or your staff may not always have the time to deep clean the wood fire stove. With a tight schedule, cleaning the stove can be stressful and exhausting. 


Instead of burdening yourself with the wood burning stove cleaning, hire A1 Hood Cleaners. Professional cleaners will clean nasty wood fire stoves and make them look brand new. For instance, issues like dust, grease, residue, and hardened food debris will be gone without hassle. 


A Fairfield, CT kitchen cleaner will deliver prompt services to your satisfaction. Some of the many benefits of hiring a cleaning company include:


  • Significantly reduce the risk of oven fires
  • The wood burning stove will break down less often
  • Prolong the lifespan of the wood fire stove
  • Get more delectable and consistent oven pizza
  • Decrease health risks
  • The wood fire stove will function properly and efficiently
  • Increase your inspection ratings

Why Choose A1 Hood Cleaners

Sometimes you will only have a few hours to clean the wood burning stove. Thankfully, it is not something that professional kitchen cleaners can do. 

At A1 Hood Cleaners, we offer kitchen cleaning services to give clients convenience and effective solutions. 

Why should you opt for A1 Hood Cleaners for your wood burning stove cleaning?

  • Several completed wood burning stove cleaning projects
  • Professional stove cleaners
  • Attention to detail and top-notch cleaning quality
  • Highly recommended by previous clients
  • Affordable wood stove maintenance


No matter where you are in Fairfield, CT, our local cleaners are here to help you. We can customize our cleaning services to meet your needs. So you can rest well with our enhanced kitchen cleaning services.  


You can schedule a service with A1 Hood Cleaners for the day and time most convenient to you. And soon we will be at your place with all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies to accomplish the job.


All traces of spills and grease will be gone for good. We will do the cleaning while you enjoy your work. Book an appointment with us today!

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