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A1 Hood Cleaners has been in the field providing commercial kitchen equipment cleaning services to restaurant owners in and near Fairfield, Connecticut for several years now.


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Restaurant Equipment Cleaning Services Nearby

A1 Hood Cleaners has been in the field providing restaurant cleaning and maintenance solutions to restaurant owners in and near Fairfield, Connecticut for several years now. In addition to our hood cleaning service, we also cater to the kitchen equipment cleaning needs of our clients. We are located in Fairfield, CT and service commercial kitchen owners in  Fairfield and New Haven County.

Experience is the best teacher and with our numerous years in the industry, we have learned to excel at what we do and our clients can attest to that. We have been working towards our goal to serving a wider market of restaurants and commercial kitchens, hence we also expanded to the New Haven County area.

We work with an aim to provide gratification and satisfaction to our customers and we strive to exceed their expectations. We are a team of hard working and reliable professionals. There probably is no better appliance & hood cleaning service provider in Connecticut. 

restaurant equipment cleaning
restaurant equipment cleaning

We may be a cleaning service provider but we are fully aware of the importance of your restaurant’s hood and exhaust system; the moment it fails, it can be extremely costly to deal with. A1 Hood Cleaners focuses deploys restaurant equipment cleaning services to ensure your restaurant’s compliance with regulations, cleanliness, and safety above all. Kitchen fire prevention is something we’ll be glad to assist you with. Call A1 Hood Cleaners today and have us inspect your kitchen and repair your hazardous spots. 

Hood cleaning is our specialty. Here at A1 Hood Cleaners, we care about you and your business. Reach us today at 203-590-9361. Let’s talk about your business! 

Located in Fairfield, CT, A1 Hood Cleansers is the company dining establishments run to for their commercial kitchen area and restaurant equipment cleaning needs. Our professionals are certified and seasoned; your kitchen’s cleanliness and compliance are highly guaranteed.

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