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As a restaurant owner, you’ll need a trustworthy restaurant duct cleaning service. Oil and grease buildup is very stubborn to remove. In Fairfield, the best firm to call is A1 Hood Cleaners.


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Restaurant Duct Cleaning in Connecticut

Does your dining establishment require a restaurant duct cleaning service? In Fairfield, the best firm to call is A1 Hood Cleaners. We’re the leaders in the kitchen exhaust system cleaning that more and more dining establishments and hotels trust.

Why? The team at A1 Hood Cleaners serves in accordance to the mission and vision that every cooking area must be tidy, clean, and safe from hazards and health risks.

A1 Hood Cleaners staff thoroughly diagnose your equipment prior to cleaning. Once fully inspected our team performs a comprehensive kitchen exhaust cleanse. Our technicians truly understand what is going on within the kitchen, no matter the dining establishment setup. A1 Hood Cleaners clean with a goal of providing gratification and contentment to every restaurant owner.

restaurant duct cleaning by A1 Hood Cleaners

By the way, we don’t only do kitchen exhaust cleaning. We can sanitize your cooking equipment, the kitchen, and the dining room area from ground to ceiling. Besides that, we also provide services to keep your filters clean through our filter replacement program, control your kitchen’s grease build-up and maintain your fire prevention system.

We are proficient at what we do – we’re probably the most versed kitchen cleaning company in the area.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchens are where a lot of frying happens. The kitchen is also one of the most regulated areas of your restaurant and requires regular cleaning to maintain a healthy and safe environment. Our clients appreciate our cleaning program that involves a series of visits as they no longer need to fret about random pesky health or fire inspection. With A1 Hood Cleaners, your kitchen exhaust clean, so you’ll no longer have to worry about the inspector or any potential  grease fire risks. 

If your business is in need of a thorough and reliable kitchen exhaust system cleaning, do not hesitate to give A1 Hood Cleaners a call. We service all the communities around Fairfield and New Haven County area. If your restaurant is nearby then give us a call and have us take care of your hood exhaust cleaning needs.

Call us now to get your kitchen area exhaust system cleaning or hood cleansing scheduled. You’ll be delighted with our team’s attention to detail for any of the commercial kitchen cleaning services that we offer. Call as soon as you can to book your appointment. 

restaurant duct cleaning
restaurant exhaust cleaning by A1 Hood Cleaners

We are readily available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for scheduled maintenance and emergency kitchen cleaning services in Fairfield. Have us help you at a convenient time that’s uninterrupted to your business operations.

A1 Hood Cleaners is fully insured and accredited company that proudly provides industrial or commercial kitchen cleaning services in Fairfield, CT. We’ve got your cleaning needs covered!

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