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Cooking produces vapors that transform into grease. When accumulated in the exhaust hood ducts, this can damage the exhaust system and can even act as a fire hazard, hence the need for grease baffle filters specifically created to filter the oil from such vapors. Changing these filters and maintaining the system regularly significantly reduces the risk of fire, especially in dining establishments where cooking is nonstop. Give us at A1 Hood Cleaning company a call today for a wide variety of hood services in Fairfield and New Havens County of Connecticut.

What Does A Hood Filter Do?

Every opening of a certain exhaust system has a specially fitted hood filter that filters the vapors from cooking against the exhaust hood ducts. Without this filter, the vapors would easily proceed and eventually accumulate as a grease residue in the exhaust system. That said, since grease is highly flammable, without a hood filter, the risk of fire would increase. 

Hood Filters Maintenance

Every business in the dining industry must practice daily cleaning of their hood filters to maintain the device’s efficiency and effectiveness in cleaning up the air and blocking any grease build-up. Unclean hood filters hamper proper flow of air into the system which can consequently load the air with smoke, vapor, and other undesirable and hazardous smells. If you wish to clean your filters, your low waged dishwasher can surely do the job. However, A1 Hood Cleansers and other experts do not recommend such a cleaning approach if the filter is made from galvanized steel or aluminum as the wrong tools and cleaning detergent can eventually cause damage. 

Handwashing is also one work-around in cleaning the hood filters. Although this approach is quite inconvenient, it is definitely much better than being fined by the regulatory commissions or worse, dealing with the consequences and damage caused by kitchen fire. 

Restaurant Hood Filter Replacement

Tell tale indications are there to imply that a hood filter might need to be replaced. During the hood cleaning, your hood filter should be evaluated, daily. If it has noticeable damages, or it shows signs of corrosion, or has openings, then it needs immediate replacement. If when the fan is turned on, and the filter makes noises, then it’s likely an indicator that the filter doesn’t fit in its caseperhaps because of minor to major damages in the filter. If you are experiencing any of these indications, it’s time to call a professional and reliable hood filter service provider. 

If you have long been in the commercial food industry, chances are you already know the drill. But in reality, hood filter replacement still needs proper tools and materials and the hands of a certified professional for the job. Give us a call today and have us address the dullness and hassle of maintaining the kitchen hood for you, so you can spend more time on other equally valuable matters, such as cooking quality food and getting more customers.

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