Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:


Are you having a difficult time using your kitchen hood?

Food debris and grease trapped inside and outside of your range hood might be causing the problem. To help you, we have gathered the frequently asked questions and answers about kitchen hood cleaning. Keep reading to learn more!

Should the hood cleaning company performing the work be qualified?

Yes. We highly recommend you look for a hood cleaning contractor who can provide certification or credentials. If you are in the food business, the kitchen hood is probably one of your most prized assets. Therefore, it should be maintained and repaired by a qualified team to guarantee a high-quality hood cleaning service.

Why and when will you need a hood cleaning company?

There are a number of scenarios that will tell you when it is time to call in the seasoned professionals.  Here are a couple reasons:

  • You want to conduct a routine inspection to avoid causing fire or acquiring health issues
  • Your insurance company orders it for documentation
  • The property manager is requiring it
  • When upon your initial diagnosis you see visible signs of damage or you hear humming noises from the hood
  • You are experiencing range hood issues
  • The fire department is requiring you to hire a professional hood cleaning company

How can you get a kitchen hood cleaning quotation?

In most cases, hood cleaning companies offer quotations through their websites. By simply filling out forms, you can receive the exact pricing for your kitchen hood needs.

Need a seasoned professional? Call us today! We offer different hood cleaning services and can give you estimates upon request.

To give you an idea, here are the factors that go into our pricing:

  • The size of the kitchen hood
  • The number of range hoods to be cleaned
  • The time spent cleaning the hood system

How often should you call us for deep cleaning?

Kitchen hood cleaning should be done at least once a month. Over time, the range hood collects dirt and debris that can affect its functionality. To prevent the whole system from breaking down or causing fire and health hazards, get the hood cleaned frequently asked questions and answers.

We are up for the job! If you need a hood cleaning company, we are the hood cleaning company you can trust.

Do you need to close your kitchen during the hood cleaning process?

Yes. Most often than not, hood cleaning services use degreasers and other cleaning agents to perform the job. It is much safer to allow the professionals to complete the work before returning to work.

Can you or your employee clean the hood?

The short answer is yes. However, it takes a properly trained and qualified team to properly deep clean a kitchen hood to ensure that the proper procedures and techniques are followed. Also, hiring a professional hood cleaning team will give you the reassurance that they know what to do and that the appliance will not be harmed.

Kitchen hoods also have inaccessible areas that require the skills of professionals. Areas that cannot be easily accessed like corners and edges are often overlooked during cleaning, which is why they often accumulate more food debris. Professional hood cleaners have the right tools and skills to tackle this issue.

If you hire us, we guarantee that our service will solve your nasty kitchen hood problem. Over the years, we have acquired skills that will guarantee a job well done to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

How long does a kitchen hood cleaning take?

The timeframe for deep cleaning a range hood depends on its size and the number of filters. On average it takes about 3 to 4 hours of hood cleaning service.

What do hood cleaning services include?

Our hood cleaning services involve deep kitchen hood cleaning from exhaust hood to exhaust fans. Here is the full range of tasks you can expect from us:

  • We inspect the whole kitchen hood system if it is in need of repair or replacement
  • We check the condition of the kitchen hood if it meets the standard code
  • We get into the interior and exterior of the stainless steel for debris
  • We check the range hood ducts if there are any obstructions
  • We check and clean the range hood filters
  • We inspect the bearings of the exhaust fan and remove any grease
  • We balance and align the exhaust fan
  • We clean any visible dirt and debris that are clogging the fans