Exhaust Fan Hinge Cleaning

Exhaust Fan Hinge Cleaning is a necessary step in safeguarding your rooftop from being damaged from excessive oil and grease buildup. If you’re looking to protect the integrity of your establisments structure and the kitchen exhaust system, then give us a call. A1 Hood Cleaners provides restaurant cleaning services in Fairfield as well as New Haven County, CT.


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Exhaust Fan Hinge Cleaning Service Near Me

Duct cleaning professionals understand the importance of quality hinge kit.  A functional exhaust hinge will allow you to properly clean and maintain the exhaust fans in order to preserve its functionality and efficiency.

In order to perform a thorough exhaust fan cleaning, a sturdy and durable hinge system is necessary. Unfortunately, dirt and oil build-up can cling on these hinges too. Without regular cleaning, your exhaust fan hinge can function improperly, thereby hampering the performance of your exhaust fans.

A1 Hood Cleaners acknowledges this underlying concern, thus we are committed to providing only reliable exhaust fan hinge cleaning services in and around Fairfield, Connecticut area. Have us clean your exhaust fan hinges and be your hood cleaning service today before it gets too late.


Exhaust Fan Hinge Replacement Service

If your fan hinge is too corroded, then we can also install a new exhaust fan hinge for your ducting system.

A1 Hood Cleaners hopes to cater to your exhaust system’s maintenance needs. Part of our inspection program is examining the efficiency and condition of your exhaust fan hinges to see if they are in still in good shape. Any exhaust fans that our team finds unclean will receive thorough and quality cleaning. Or our team of professionals can provide an excellent installation service should you wish to replace them with brand new exhaust fan hinges. All that it takes is a call from you. We’ll be happy to receive your call and schedule an exhaust fan hinge and hood cleaning service.  


Exhaust Fan Hinges – How Important Are They 

Exhaust fan hinge cleaning is supposed to be a tedious task but thanks to exhaust fan hinges, they shortcut the process, making it possible to do the job without entirely removing the fan. This saves a lot of time and energy for the cleaning team. However, since exhaust fan hinges are made of soft aluminium, their condition can deteriorate after going through numerous cleaning process sessions or if corroded from grease and oil buildup.  

exhaust fan hinge cleaning
exhaust fan hinge cleaning

 Damaged exhaust fan hinges can produce noticeable rattling noises. This can mean the hinges are damaged or worse, broken which can escalate and also affect the exhaust system’s electrical wiring.

A1 Hood Cleaners will be glad to come to your site and assist you as you set up new exhaust fan hinges to assure that your system remains compliant, clean, and free from hazards.  Give us a call, let’s discuss it further! 203-590-9361.


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