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A1 Hood Cleaners provides top quality commercial kitchen cleaning services in Fairfield and New Haven County, Connecticut.

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A1 Hood Cleaners provides top quality commercial kitchen cleaning services in Fairfield and New Haven County, Connecticut. All to many times we’ve seen restaurant owners, whom did not make the necessary preventative safety measures. That said, we’ve seen several unfortunate incidents that could have been prevented, which cost business a fortune to repair. Build up of oils and grease can cause fires, roof damage, and pest infestation. If you’re a business owner, then you must be routinely safe, not sorry.

Our team is composed of accredited hood cleaners and certified industrial cleansing specialists. Our long term remedies as well as preventative procedures leave a durable impact on inspectors and most importantly on customers.

Commercial kitchen cleaning by A1 Hood Cleaners

 We offer lots of additional services so as to get your kitchen area clean and up to date. Restaurant hood cleaning is our specialty but we also provide solutions for other concerns, regarding your kitchen or restaurant.

Our team will respond and set up an easy to adhere preventative procedure to enhance your ventilation system for it to look and operate as if it were brand new. Cleaning duct work, pressure washing, kitchen hood cleaning and rooftop grease containment are just some of the services that we provide.

Connecticut restaurant cleaning services by A1 Hood Cleaners.


Fairfield and New Havens County

Along with giving you a preventative strategy, we will directly guide you through the plan. We’ll give you an in-depth background of the thorough functionality of your kitchen ventilation system that you did not know you had. You will definitely feel more satisfied than ever.

We understand exactly how irritating it can be to employ somebody who has no idea what they are doing. At A1 Hood Cleaners, we work with quality and efficiency. We are fully aware of the local fire code and health & wellness regulations; we vow to provide solutions in compliance to these regulations.


Health inspectors, insurance agents and fire marshals have strict commercial kitchen & restaurant hood cleaning service standards. As a basic guideline, restaurant managers must put their kitchens through a thorough kitchen cleaning service every 90 days at most. However, every dining establishment is different and that need might come sooner. If you are in need of an efficient and reliable kitchen cleaning service, you can actually consult your insurance provider or your local health and wellness board.


commercial kitchen cleaning

Are you trying to figure out when the proper time is to clean your commercial kitchen exhaust system or the kitchen equipment? If so, then follow these guidelines.

Can you spot the following?

1. A noticeable oil deposit that can not be scrubbed off with common cleansing techniques?
2. A solid, recognizable oil smell originating from the hood or duct work
3. Your exhaust fan rattling?
4. Any grease-caused discolorations on your roof
5. Any dents on your hood system
6. Any pests issues?
Can you not recall…

1. The last time your kitchen and hoods were properly cleaned

While some of these signs and symptoms may appear small 


and unalarming, they can actually cause fire or various other potential hazards. Poor containment of rooftop grease will also quickly affect the foundation of the roofing system. Leaks, grease build-ups, and other pressing problems might have been lurking in. If left unattended and cleaned, the threat of fire or structure corrosion can escalate, and the infestation of pests can worsen. That said, a thorough and regular kitchen hood cleaning is without a doubt a necessary preventive measure.

Do not slip up and regret for the rest of your life. Don’t make the mistake that lots penny saving business owners have made before. Call us to determine what we can do for you.

Give us a call at 203-590-9361 to discuss your requirements and also we’ll schedule a visit to your location. Prepare yourself to collaborate with the best commercial restaurant cleaning company in Fairfield and New Haven County, Connecticut.

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