Clean your kitchen hood

We all know that it is important to keep the kitchen squeaky clean, including the ways to effectively clean your kitchen hood.

The kitchen hood, also known as exhaust and range hood, is designed to filter the smoke, fumes, and combustion from cooking. That is why they always come out dirty with layers of dust and grease. Cleaning the accumulated dirt in the hood is important because you can avoid health risks, starting a fire, or costly appliance repair and replacement if it is properly cleaned.

Now that we know why it is important, here are the tips to clean your kitchen hood:

Diagnose the range hood for any problems

It is typical for range hoods to have a buildup of grease. Uncleaned dirt and dust can cause damage to the appliance which is why it is important to diagnose the range hood before removing its parts. Here are some important questions to ask:

  • Is the smoke not clearing or trapped in the vent hood?
  • Do you hear a clunking or humming noise coming from the hood?
  • Are the indicators working properly?

These problems might need the help of professionals to trace and repair them. Call an expert hood cleaning technician if you notice the range hood is not functioning well.

Detach the filter from the hood

Before you can begin to clean your kitchen hood, you have to first take out the filter from the range hood. Separating them will allow you to clean each component with ease.

Hood filters vary depending on the type and brand of range hood you have. Standard hood filters can either be popped out or pushed and slid out. Other range hood styles have handles and pull tabs, while others do not.

Use hot water to rinse dirt

The next thing you must do is to pour boiled up water on the filter. Using a bucket, submerge the hood filter into the hot water to soften the built-up grease clinging to it. You might have to do this for a while until the dirt is removed or can be scrapped out easily.

Add dish soap and baking to the hot water

Adding Soap and baking soda to the hot water can save time and effort. Mixed baking soda and soap can be powerful dirt removing agent that works well with grease and thickened smoke.

Soak the hood filter for at least 10 minutes

Hood cleaning can be annoying sometimes. It takes effort and time to completely clean your kitchen hood and filter. This is why cleaning it frequently is a requirement because it prevents the hood from collecting more dust and food debris.

If you have not clean your kitchen hood for some time, the filters may be clogged with more debris, smoke, and grease. So you might have to soak the filter in the hot water for more time.

Normally, ten to twelve minutes is enough. However, for thick layer debris, you might have to leave the filters for fifteen minutes or longer.

Rinse and dry

Once the grease and food debris are removed, you can start rinsing the hood filter with clean water. Make sure there is no dirt left before you dry it up with a soft cloth.

Place the hood filter back to the range

You should be able to place the filter back the same way it was taken out.

In most instances, putting back the hood filter is more difficult than detaching it from the range hood. If you are having a hard time putting it back, do not force snap it or it might break the connectors. Try attaching the other side, or check the manual for instructions.

Clean the range hood at least once a month

Cooking is a part of our everyday life. If you have to clean your kitchen hood at home, it is difficult not to use it while cooking. And because we use this appliance most of the time, it accumulates more food debris.

: Cleaning the range hood frequently is more efficient since the grease and dirt can be easily taken out compared to letting them dry for a few months.

Scrubbing thickened dirt and grease can break the range hood filter. And it will also greatly impact the quality of the appliance and its lifespan.

Use a clean kitchen towel to wipe the outside of the range hood

Food dirt can splatter on the outside of the hood range. Choose the best cleaning agent, pour some on the cloth, and then wipe down the outside of the range hood. Make sure to clean the sides, edges, and corners.

Remove burnt-on grease from stainless steel

Here is another range hood tip you should remember: use a stainless steel cleaner and polisher when removing burnt-on grease from stainless steel.

If a dish detergent and warm water are not doing the trick, it is best to spray a cleaning agent on the surface of the hood. Cleaning solutions are specifically created to remove grease while not causing damage or scratching to the hood range.

Dust the outside of the range hood regularly

Range hoods collect dust over time. If left uncleaned, the dirt will make the range hood dull and smudged with black grease.

To clean your kitchen hoods, you should be dusted once a week and deeper clean once a month. Follow your manufacturer’s guidelines on how to correctly polish the hood.

The bottom line

Deep cleaning of your kitchen hood should be a priority. The buildup of grease will not only affect the quality of the appliance but also affect the health of the people. Food debris and fumes trapped on the filter pose health risks. Restaurant owners should address the problem immediately or they might get penalized or worse, ordered to close by the local government.

Do you need help in your home to clean your kitchen hood or restaurant’s kitchen hood? Instead of letting the dirt build-up, have a professional hood cleaning company take care of it. Get in touch with us!