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A clean and tidy kitchen should be of top priority if you’re a restaurant owner. In today’s world, customers demand high standards for cleanliness. Not only that, restaurant owners must adhere to strict health and safety regulations. A1 Hood Cleaners is committed to helping you by being the very best commercial kitchen cleaners in Fairfield, CT. By working with us, you’ll never have to worry about deep cleaning your restaurant or the repercussions that come with not hiring a commercial cleaning professional.

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Restaurant Cleaning Services
A1 Hood Cleaning company is a reliable and highly preferred restaurant cleaning solutions provider with years of experience in the field.
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
A1 Hood Cleaners provides top quality commercial kitchen cleaning services in Fairfield and New Haven County, Connecticut.
Hood Filter Service
To keep your kitchen exhaust hood system efficient and up to standards,regular filter changes are necessary
restaurant hood cleaning service
Tidiness and adhering to top quality standards should be high for all restaurants. A1 Hood Cleaners is committed to offering the very best commercial kitchen cleaning service in Fairfield, CT. Our work is always acted in accordance with NFPA 96 fire codes as well as is in compliance with all Fairfield and New Haven County fire departments and health boards.

Furthermore, our staff is licensed and very experienced in restaurant equipment cleaning. We likewise give can schedule extensive cleaning of your whole cooking area, along with the cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system, enabling you to abide by your insurance coverage requirements & city codes.

At A1 Hood Cleaning, we don’t just stop at cleaning your kitchen hood and exhaust system. We can also service several other challenging areas that oftentimes require cleaning in a restaurant. We offer scheduled preventative maintenance for exhaust systems, vent hinges, filter replacement, and rooftop grease containment.

While most companies hire us for hood cleaning, we additionally provide equipment cleaning services, pressure washing, and steam cleaning for any tough stains or odors. Our goal is to assist restaurant owners with professional cleaning they oftentimes need—making each commercial kitchen cleaning that we service shine from top to bottom!

Restaurant Hood Cleaning
Restaurant Hood Cleaning
Thrill your patrons and also city inspectors alike with stunning and meticulously sanitary cooking area. By hiring A1 Hood Cleaning, you’ll be assured that your restaurant and kitchen equipment will be left sparkling, as well as appearing like brand-new.

We’re the commercial kitchen cleaning company that outshines all others!

Our firm has a reputation for being the best for a reason! We love to see the astonished look of our clients, once a job is complete. When you hire A1 Hood Cleaners, you are getting the highest quality commercial kitchen cleaning company in the Fairfield County area.

Running a restaurant is no easy job. The list of things to deal with never ever ends. One of the leading root causes of fires in restaurants is grease fires as a result of accumulation, as well as, not hiring a professional kitchen cleaning service. Don’t allow this to take place at your restaurant!

We have skilled and experienced technicians who are certified kitchen and exhaust hood cleaners. Our personnel will thoroughly examine commonly forgotten locations that may be hidden from plain view, to establish if there is a threat present.

During this assessment our exhaust service technicians will discuss the procedure, and furthermore, may enlighten your employees on preventative procedures, while giving suggestions on appropriate upkeep.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning
Restaurant Hood Cleaning
We are well aware that your restaurant and kitchen must run efficiently at all times to be reliable and profitable. Business owners can’t afford to run the risk of equipment malfunctioning or failed testing. This is why we take our tasks seriously.

Based on NFPA Standard-96, fire codes as well as health and wellness division policies, we will cleanse and examine your whole restaurant & kitchen from the roofing system exhaust fan, the grease containment system, hood filters, ductwork, and everything in between such as kitchen equipment and even the carpeting.

You can depend on A1 Hood Cleaners to do an excellent job cleaning and preserving your commercial kitchen area.

Our staff is extremely educated and experienced in commercial kitchen cleaning. Our team is always professional and keeps a well-mannered attitude when at your location..

Need A Hood Cleaning or an Exhaust Hood System Checkup?
– Know The Know The Indicators!

Exactly how do you establish if it is time to call us to set up a cleaning? Additionally, just how will you recognize if you need an appointment for cleaning your restaurant equipment? These are fantastic inquiries and we always provide our customers with a checklist that lays out the responses.

Every kitchen or hood ventilation system varies, nevertheless most call for normal hood system cleanings to maintain a sanitary environment and to adhere to fire codes. You might be thinking about cleaning your restaurant or wondering about if and when it ultimately needs one.

Lastly, we’re not limited to just commercial properties. Periodically, we’ll also do residential cleaning jobs, so if you’re kitchen hood or appliance need a cleaning, then give us a call.


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Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Listed below are some telltale indicators that a cleaning is in order and if any of these are visible then it’s time to schedule an appointment with us!

  • There’s grease residue that won’t come off easily while there may also be discoloring of the surface.
  • The hood or duct emits a greasy smell.

  • The exhaust fans make a rattling sound.

  • The roof reveals discolorations from grease (from a faulty containment system).
  • You’ve lost track of the last time your kitchen equipment was professionally cleaned.
  • You’ve lost track of the last time your kitchen equipment was professionally cleaned.
Some of these indications may seem small, nonetheless, if you observe any one of them in your kitchen, then call us. If any indicators above are left untreated then you run a major risk to the performance of your kitchen equipment as well as the safety and security to your business, employees and customers. It’s important not to overlook these indicators.

Grease accumulation on a roof will corrode the roofing structure and cause it to break down at a quick speed. If not treated properly it’ll cause roof leaks and act as a fire threat. An oily roof covering will also attract pests, mold, and mildew. This is why it is vital that routine cleanings are scheduled for maintenance by experts who have the abilities and recognize how to combat these problems.

Industrial kitchen cleaning and hood cleaning standards are embedded by fire marshals, insurance providers, and health and wellness inspectors. An excellent rule of thumb is that every 90 days a professional cleaning ought to be scheduled. This can vary from dining establishment to dining establishment nonetheless, so if you need a more precise routine requirement, please call A1 Hood Cleaners today for our expert advice.

Experience A1 Hood Cleaners


What's Included

  • Free property analysis
  • Professional kitchen cleaning recommendations 

How it Works

  •  We first inspect the area
  • After diagnosing the area, we make preparations
  • Once the preparations are made, we decrease, clean and sanitize the kitchen or restaurant area 

Services & Packages

  • One-off service appointments
  • Custom tailored service agreements 
  • Scheduled deep cleanings

Happy Customers

“My staff just could not clean our kitchen properly. The health department came in and gave us a fine. We quickly realized that our money was best spent by hiring a professional kitchen cleaning service like A1 Hood Cleaners. Our kitchen and equipment have never looked better.”

“After we purchased our restaurant, we quickly learned that the previous owners didn’t exactly maintain a sanitary and safe workplace. We first noticed the issues with our kitchen hoods and ducting. Our kitchen was always smokey could not ventilate efficiently. After we called A1 Hood Cleaners, we learned of several other alarming issues that could have closed down our business. A1 Hood Cleaners provided us with a service plan to remediate our grease containment systems, as well as, thoroughly clean our kitchen equipment.”

Other Services

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Full service cleaning from the floor to the ceiling, including equipment and ventilation.  

Exhaust Cleaning

Grease and oil build will affect the ducting ventilation system .

Exhaust Hinge Cleaning Services

Greasy oils can build up and damage your roof or ducting equipment.

Move In & Out Cleaning

Are you buying or selling a restaurant? Do you need a deep clean prior to the sale? We offer one-time deep clean kitchen services. 

Kitchen Hood filter Replacement

The first line of defense against grease and oil corrosion is a clean filter. 

Restaurant Cleaning Service

Is your dining area dirty or ridden with odors and stains? An unsanitary dining atmosphere will have you losing business in no time.   

Hood Cleaning

Stove top grease and oil vapors build up and are a fire hazzard if not properly cleaned.   

Grease Stain Removal

Sometimes consumer-based products won’t do the job at cutting the grease down. We have industrial equipment and supplies to remove unwanted stains.


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